1. _1984
    Allen Moore

  2. Glossolalia

  3. Two or Three

  4. Peroration

  5. Particle Of Organs
    Emily Rach Beisel

  6. Flora Oblique

  7. horizontal shift
    Birgit Ulher/Carol Genetti/Eric Leonardson

  8. An Ill-Fitting Garment

  9. Free Jazz Date Night
    Ishmael Ali/Bill Harris

  10. I Saw the Cryptic Problem Of My Generation Destroyed

  11. Dura
    Jim Baker/Brandon Lopez/Bill Harris

  12. Blinking Glue
    Bill Harris

  13. Gateways to Resplendence
    Abhorrent Expanse

  14. Collision Theory
    Glass Canyon Ensemble

  15. First Shot
    Success Pistols

  16. Hearsay
    Ishmael Ali Catalan Zghoul

  17. akjai
    Ishmael Ali Catalan Zghoul

  18. Anemoi
    Ishmael Ali Catalan Zghoul

  19. The Flower of Paradise
    Chris Moore & Adam Shead

  20. Vivary

  21. Curve Totem

  22. ONOMAT
    Bill Harris

  23. (pentimento)
    Matt Piet

  24. Anti Glow
    AAVD Trio

  25. Plays Clinkers
    The Flake

  26. For Lying Down and Breathing
    Ryan Packard

  27. Scrawl
    Jake Wark

  28. Fifth Season
    Ben Zucker

  29. Miniature Paintings and the Impossible Warehouse
    Adiaphora Orchestra

  30. Not Nothing

  31. Allium Tricoccum: Chicago 2017 - 2020
    Chicago Documentation 2017 - 2020

  32. Throw Neck

  33. Dawa

  34. FOMENT
    Sam Weinberg / Henry Fraser / Tyler Damon

  35. Pinch Point
    Four Letter Words

  36. Fractal Selves

  37. Semaphore

  38. SemoComeSemo
    Tommaso Moretti Quartet

  39. Devouring the Guilt
    Devouring the Guilt

  40. Measure Once, Cut Twice
    Kaiser, Clov, and Harris

  41. Good Weight
    Gerrit Hatcher

  42. Radio Silence
    Four Letter Words

  43. Tremor
    Jake Wark

  44. Cure For the Quotidian
    Dave Rempis / Matt Piet / Tim Daisy

  45. Of Sound Mind
    Matt Piet

  46. Bowlcut

  47. ashes/dreamspeak
    Matt Piet

  48. silent moves, unseen
    Matt Piet

  49. Blow
    Four Letter Words

  50. Amsterdam/Chicago Duo
    Matt Piet


Amalgam Chicago, Illinois

Amalgam is a Chicago-based, artist-run collective dedicated to showcasing works of experimental and improvised music.

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